User conditions

This website uses cookies, a small text file that is placed on your device.  Cookies will not slow down your computer and cannot spread advertising, viruses, spyware or anything similar, as cookies is a text file. We use cookies in order to collect statistics, make the home page as secure as possible and to keep track of who is logged in.  If you want to block cookies, you can do so in your web browser settings. Please note that the website will not function as expected if you do this.

When you submit a form to us, we collect personal data such as email address, telephone number, name, etc. Your data will be saved on the webpage database and in our email. A copy of the form is also sent to the email address you give and will therefore also be saved in your email.

The data from the form is not saved to any cloud service. Neither do we save the ip address from which the form was sent, therefore its origin cannot be traced.

Google analytics
Like many other websites, we use a tool called Google analytics, in order to trace our website visitors. Google analytics uses cookies to collect this data.

We do not save backup for this website on any public cloud service. Instead, we have our own server where we store all backups. This means that we have control over all information stored and can ensure that it does not come into the wrong hands.